Collection: Turron and Polvorones

Turron and polvorones are two of the most beloved Spanish sweets. Turron is a nougat-style candy made with honey, sugar, almonds, and egg whites. It comes in two varieties: soft, which is chewy and creamy, and hard, which is crunchy and brittle. It is usually served in thin slices or cubes, and is often decorated with herbs or spices. Turron is a holiday staple in Spain, and it is traditionally served during Christmas and Easter. Polvorones are a type of shortbread cookie made with flour, sugar, butter, and almonds. They are crunchy and crumbly, with a rich, buttery flavor. Polvorones are also a traditional holiday treat in Spain, and they are often served with coffee or hot chocolate. Some popular variations of polvorones include those filled with chocolate, dulce de leche, or fruits like figs. These two sweet treats are beloved throughout Spain, and they make a delicious addition to any holiday celebration. Whether its a soft, chewy turron or a crunchy polvoron, these Spanish sweets are sure to bring a smile to everyones face.