Collection: Argentinian White Wine

Although Argentina is best known for its Malbec, it is also quickly emerging as an important contender in the white wine market. Argentina is producing an array of outstanding white wines that pair well with a variety of dishes, including crisp and fresh Sauvignon Blanc, fresh and floral Torrontés, and deep and textured Chardonnay and Semillon. These wines are propelling the country into a new chapter in its winemaking history.

Why, you may ask is Argentina emerging only now? Argentina’s topography and climate is best suited to white wine cultivation. All winemakers needed was time to locate the ideal locations.
Argentina's altitude is a key factor in its ability to grow white grape types, and the country's winemakers have been able to regularly produce better wine by exploring ever-higher regions. With their calcareous, rocky soils, the high altitude grapes of the Uco Valley and Mendoza allow farmers to  make wines that retain their acidity.