Collection: Olives, Vegetables and Pickles

Spanish olives are a popular tapas dish and are found in many varieties. They are usually served in a brine or marinated with herbs and spices. The most popular types of olives are the Manzanilla, Gordal and Aceitunas Verdes.

Vegetables are also popular in Spanish cuisine and are usually cooked with olive oil, garlic and herbs. The most popular vegetables include tomatoes, onion, garlic, peppers, eggplant, potatoes and artichokes.

Pickles, also known as encurtidos, are a popular accompaniment to Spanish cuisine. They are usually made from cucumbers, peppers, onions and garlic, and are typically prepared with vinegar, olive oil and herbs. Some popular Spanish pickles include escabeche, picadillo and escabechado. They are also a popular accompaniment to many Spanish dishes, and are often served alongside meats, cheeses, and breads.