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Bernal Cebollitas - Pickled Baby Onions 300g

Bernal Cebollitas - Pickled Baby Onions 300g

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Bernal Cebollitas are pickled baby onions which go well on your cheese board and pair beautifully with Spanish Jamon, Queso Manchego and a Portuguese or Spanish Albarino

These small, crunchy pickled onions are made from a special dwarf variety sourced from Holland, known for its slightly sweeter flavor compared to traditional onions.

The pickled baby onions have a pristine white color and a small size that adds visual appeal to any dish. They offer a satisfying crunch with just the right touch of vinegar, creating a harmonious balance of flavors.

The combination of sweetness, crunch, and tangy acidity makes these pickled baby onions a versatile ingredient that can elevate a variety of culinary creations.

Details about these Onions:

Pickled in: Spain

Made by: Bernal

Size - 300g

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