Collection: Spanish White Wine

You may not know it, but Spanish white wines are incredibly suited to the Australian climate and quite quaffable no matter if its a hot and blistering sunny day (chilled Albarino) or cold and miserable (aged rioja blanco). The Spanish white wine grape Albariño is now highly sought after here, and aged white wines from the famous Spanish wine region of Rioja are fast climbing the world wine rankings.

Apart from Albarino Spanish White Wines offer tremendous variety. From crisp white wines made from the famous Verdejo grape to fragrant whites made from Malvasía and Viura. From full, rounded Godellos, to crisp, dry Airéns - the breadth of white wine on offer in Spain is second to none. In Australia although Spanish White Wines are not found in all your local liquor stores at Kendricks we can't get enough of them. Lets see if we can find the perfect drop!