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Mar de Frades Spanish Sparkling Albarino

Mar de Frades Spanish Sparkling Albarino

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Mar de Frades Brut Natural is a sparkling Spanish white wine from Bodegas Mar de Frades, this wine is made with 100% Albariño grapes and is the first of its kind.

On the tongue, it is dry, clear, and very refreshing, with a crisp finish that has flavors of stone fruit and Albarino lemon.

It pairs superbly with shellfish and fish meals, just like many sparkling wines do, and it makes a great aperitif.

This sparkling wine uses the traditional champenoise method (sparkling wine production method whereby wine undergoes a second fermentation process in the bottle to produce carbon dioxide). It is saline in character and irresistibly refreshing thanks to its fine, elegant bubbles.

Details about the wine:

Region: Spain - Galicia - Rias Baixas

Winery: Bodegas Mar de Frades

Wine Style: Spanish Albariño (consume within 2 years)

Wine Type: Sparkling

Grapes: Albarino

Sweetness: Dry

Grape Blend: 100% Albarino

Alcohol: 12%

Volume: 750ml

Acidity: High

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