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Solis Tomato Frito 350g

Solis Tomato Frito 350g

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Rich, ripe Spanish tomatoes cultivated in the fertile soils of Las Vegas del Guadiana, Extremadura, Spain, are packed into this 350-gram jar. This area is well-known for its high-quality agricultural output, and the tomatoes grown there have a robustness and depth of taste all their own.

A variety of classic Spanish meals can be made with Solis Tomato Frito as the foundation. This tomato frito adds depth and richness to your favorite rice dishes, whether you're cooking up a delicious paella, a comforting caldo, or a juicy wet rice dish. When you buy Solis, you're getting a product from a company that's known for sticking to tried-and-true Spanish recipes and ingredients.

Although these are among of the most common uses for this tomato base, its adaptability goes well beyond that. It can be used to spice up old favorites or to spark ideas for entirely new meals. Use it as a flavorful dip for appetizers, add it to sauces, or use it to boost the flavor of stews. The potential outcomes in the kitchen are limitless.

Solis Tomato Frito is made with 100% naturally grown tomatoes, adhering to a natural and clean approach. No artificial flavors or preservatives were used in its production, guaranteeing a pure taste. Tomatoes are slowly fried to bring out their natural sweetness and tanginess, capturing the true essence of Spanish cooking in every bite.

Details about this fried tomato base:

Region: Spain, Extremadura

Made by: SOLIS

Size: 350g

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