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Bernal Marinated Spanish Chupadedo Olives 430g

Bernal Marinated Spanish Chupadedo Olives 430g

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These Spanish olives have a robust and rich flavor that you must try. Campo Real is the source of these excellent olives, which are of the Okal type and are noted for their vibrant green color and high quality.

Pepper, garlic, oregano, and olive oil are mixed together and then delicately sprinkled over each olive. The combination of these flavors elevates the already delicious olives to a whole new level.

The freshness and high quality of Okal olives are reflected in their vibrant green hue. You'll get a rush of precisely seasoned taste with every mouthful. Red pepper's spiciness, garlic's and oregano's earthiness, and olive oil's velvety smoothness all combine to make for a delicious meal.

You may eat or cook with Bernal Spanish Chupadedo Olives in many different ways. They're delicious on their own, and they also serve as a great topping for pizzas and salads. You can also enjoy the unique flavor of these olives by munching on them on their own. Pairs well with Spanish white wine. 

Details about these Olives:

Region: Spain, Campo Real

Made by: Bernal

Size: 430g

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