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Bernal Stuffed Pimento Olives 1kg

Bernal Stuffed Pimento Olives 1kg

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Bernal Stuffed Pimento Olives are ideal for both tapas and enhancing your preferred beverages, and captivate the palate with their skillful fusion of flavors. Juicy green manzanilla olives sourced from Spain boast a robust and substantial texture, accompanied by a tangy and slightly bitter taste. Encasing these olives are delectable red peppers, enhancing their appeal as a cherished traditional nibble. These select olives are meticulously chosen from the finest Manzanilla trees, renowned globally for producing top-tier olives. Employing a unique variety of garlic celebrated for its delicate yet crisp consistency, each olive is attentively packed to perfection.

Spanish olives are traditionally served on their own as a snack. They are also great as a garnish within a larger tapas platter alongside Spanish charcuterie, cheese or tinned seafood. You can add your Bernal olives to a salad for an extra burst of flavor and texture, or toss them into a rice dish. The unique flavor profile within each Bernal olive adds another delicious level of taste. Their high quality makes them a wonderful addition to your cooking.

Hailing from the Valencia region, Bernal Olives stands as a prestigious olive label celebrated for its extraordinary produce. Since the year 1900, Bernal's unwavering dedication to excellence has been unwaveringly upheld.

Details about these Olives:

Region: Spain, Seville

Made by: Bernal

Net weight- 1000g 

Drained weight- 600g 

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