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Serrano Piquillo Peppers 290g

Serrano Piquillo Peppers 290g

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More than just a delicious snack, these authentic Spanish Peppers are a culinary adventure into the very heart of Spain. These peppers, grown in the rich soils of the Serrano region and picked at their peak of ripeness, represent the pinnacle of Spanish gastronomic history.

The 290g of Piquillo peppers in each jar have been carefully selected by hand and then roasted to bring forth its distinct flavor. The natural sweetness of the pepper is nicely balanced by the bitterness added during roasting, making for a unique and memorable flavor profile that is quintessentially Spanish.

Peppers like these are a staple in Spanish cuisine because of their mild flavor and distinctive scent. Their form and size render them ideal for stuffing, and one classic filling is Brandada de Bacalao, a luscious mixture of cod and olive oil. This traditional recipe captures the true essence of Spanish cuisine by highlighting the delicate aromas of the pepper.

Verdejo, a Spanish white wine, is a great complement to Serrano Piquillo Peppers because of its bright, crisp aromas. The pepper's sweet and slightly bitter flavor pairs well with the light, refreshing flavor of Verdejo.

Details about these Serrano peppers:

Region: Spain, Navarre

Made by: Serrano

Size: 290g

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