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Bernal Banderillas Dulces 300g

Bernal Banderillas Dulces 300g

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Bernal Banderillas Dulces are a classic Spanish pickle that has been carefully made by BERNAL and are bursting with flavor. These spicy delights are made with a variety of spices and other flavorful ingredients.

At the heart of each banderilla is a medium-sized crispy gherkin, providing a refreshing and acidic foundation. A dash of color and a touch of sweetness come from the use of finely chopped red pepper. The queen onion provides a satisfying crunch and mild onion flavor, while the rich brininess of pitted olives rounds out the dish nicely.

Customers love this pickle because of the perfect harmony between the sour, sweet, and spicy qualities.

The delicious Bernal Dulce Banderillas can be eaten in a number of different ways. As a robust and savory complement to cured meats and cheeses, they are a wonderful addition to any charcuterie or cheese board. You can also include these banderillas in a tapas spread for a tasty and spicy snack.

Details about these Pickles:

Region: Spain, Seville

Made by: Bernal

Size: 300g

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