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Bernal Olives Sabor Limon 430g

Bernal Olives Sabor Limon 430g

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Bernal Olives with lemon flavour have a lively and tangy flavor that you'll love. The original flavour of the finest Manzanilla Olives is complemented by the delicious burst of freshness and acidity created by meticulously stuffing these huge, green olives with Mediterranean Lemon.

The Manzanilla Olives used in this item are of the highest quality because they were grown in the rich soil of Seville, Spain. Each olive is carefully selected for size and texture, ensuring a delicious bite every time.

These Spanish olives have a special twist from the addition of Mediterranean Lemon, taking their flavor to new heights. The saline and savory flavour of the olives are boldly contrasted by the citrusy undertones, making for a powerful and harmonious flavor combination.

Bernal Olives Sabor Limon are not only a tasty snack on its own, but also a fantastic addition to any cocktail. Beautiful twist on the classic, pairs beautiful with a crisp Mar De Frades Albarino.

Details about these Olives:

Region: Spain, Seville

Made by: Bernal

Size: 430g

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