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Serrano White Asparagus 345g

Serrano White Asparagus 345g

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Try some Serrano White Asparagus, a traditional delicacy that is peeled by hand and embodies quality and history. The white color, silky texture, and subtle flavor of the hand-picked asparagus spears provide for an exquisite dining experience.

This Spanish asparagus is prepared in the conventional manner and contains no added preservatives or flavorings. This emphasis on using only natural ingredients results in a flavor that is pure and unadulterated, just like asparagus should be.

These asparagus spears attest to Navarre's long history as a major agricultural center. They're between 14 and 19 mm thick, so they have a pleasant texture that goes well with their aromatic and fragrant nature.

This 345-gram can of Serrano White is a blank canvas for your culinary imagination, whether you eat it plain or toss it with your favorite sauce or dressing. These asparagus spears are so high-quality that you can use them to make anything from a simple salad to an elegant appetizer.

Details about this Asparagus:

Region: Spain, Navarre

Made by: Serrano

Asparagus type: white

Size: 345g

Best used for: salads, appetizers

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