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El Artesano Chocolate Turron - Almond 200g

El Artesano Chocolate Turron - Almond 200g

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El Artesano Chocolate Turron, stuffed with crunchy Almonds, is a delectable Spanish dessert worth indulging in. This 200-gram bar expertly marries classic Spanish confectionary methods with contemporary flavors for a treat that is both delicious and unique.

El Artesano perfects the age-old practice of making turrons. This sinful confection is built around a chocolate nougat that is both rich and creamy, with excellent almonds sprinkled throughout. Each bite is a perfect symphony of sensations and flavors thanks to the almonds' wonderful crunch and the chocolate's silky smoothness.

The Chocolate Almond Turron is unlike any other dessert because of its layered, exquisite flavor. The combination of flavors is so novel that it works wonderfully with robust drinks. Have some dessert wine or your favorite coffee to complement your sweet treat.

Details about this Turron Chocolate:

Region: Spain 

Size: 200g 

Contains: Almonds

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