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Gamito Surtido Polvorones y Mantecados 5kg

Gamito Surtido Polvorones y Mantecados 5kg

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The Gamito Surtido Polvorones y Mantecados is a big 5 kg collection that brings the festive essence of Spain into your house, perfect for celebrating the richness of Spanish sweets. This large collection showcases the centuries-old heritage and artistic skill of Spain's confectioners while also providing a wide range of tasty treats.

The polvorones are a shining example of the excellent variety on offer here, thanks to their light, sandy texture and sweet powdered sugar aftertaste as they disintegrate in the mouth. Whether it's almond-rich, cinnamon-spiced, or cocoa-infused, every polvorón is a miniature flavor miracle.

The buttery richness of the mantecados goes well with the polvorones; when melting, they reveal a velvety texture and a wide range of classic flavors, from almond to lemon.

Details about these Spanish sweets:

Made by: Dulces Gamito  
Weight: 5kg

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