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Donna Jimena Rosco de Anis 100g - Anis Flavoured Pastries

Donna Jimena Rosco de Anis 100g - Anis Flavoured Pastries

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There's more to Donna Jimena Rosco de Anis than meets the eye. It's an homage to the centuries-old custom of Spanish pastry baking, reviving the country's famed tastes and textures. The aniseed is the highlight of these baked goods. This unique flavoring imparts a sweet, slightly spicy, and aromatic taste into the biscuits, making for a treat that is at once comforting and novel.

Every mouthful of a Rosco de Anis is full of flavorful crispness and subtlety. The subtle sweetness of the biscuit is perfectly complemented by the aniseed's characteristic flavors, making for a treat that is both gratifying and refreshing.

Assertively, these biscuits are a delicious snack that may be used in a variety of ways. When paired with strong coffee, the sweet aniseed overtones in the biscuit are a welcome counterpoint to the coffee's bitterness. Try these pastries with a shot of aguardiente for the whole Spanish experience. The sweet, fragrant notes of the Rosco de Anis are balanced by the spirit's strong kick, making for a bold and pleasing combination of flavors.

Details about these Pastries:

Region: Spain

Made by: Donna Jimena

Size: 100g

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