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El Artesano Marcona Premium Soft Turron - Almond 200g

El Artesano Marcona Premium Soft Turron - Almond 200g

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When it comes to soft turrons, nobody does it better than El Artesano. This one-of-a-kind Spanish dessert is a symphony of high-quality ingredients and careful cooking, resulting in an exquisite flavor. The primary ingredient, premium almonds, are skillfully encased within the chewy turron, giving it a luxuriously smooth texture that is tastefully broken up by the delicious crunch of nuts.

The almonds in El Artesano Seleccion Soft Turron are well balanced by the sweetness of the nougat, which is revealed with every mouthful. This turron's characteristic appeal stems from the perfect harmony of tastes, making it a popular dessert option.

Spanish brandy goes nicely with the soft, nutty turron from El Artesano Seleccion. The brandy's rich, aromatic notes complement the turron's nutty aromas, making for a decadent combination that is both sophisticated and satisfying.

Details about this Turron Chocolate:

Region: Spain 

Made by: El Artesano

Size: 200g 

Contains: Almonds

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