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Donna Jimena de Espana - Assorted Spanish Delights 350g

Donna Jimena de Espana - Assorted Spanish Delights 350g

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This 350g assortment is a collection of Spanish sweets that are cherished not only during the festive Christmas season, but also as delightful indulgences throughout the year.

Each of the desserts in Donna Jimena de Espana's Assorted Spanish Delights is a celebration of the distinctive flavors and textures that define traditional Spanish confections. These tasty snacks will take you back in time and give you a memorable taste experience.

Included in this 350g assortment are 14 pieces, each weighing 25g, of the following delights:

Polvoron de Almendra: Experience the unique texture and flavors of Almond Crumble Cake, a classic Spanish dessert made from fine ingredients. Its crumbly texture, combined with the rich flavor of almonds, makes it an irresistible treat.

Almendrado Crujiente: The Crunchy Almond Delight is a symphony of textures, combining the crunchiness of almonds with a sweet base. It's a mouthwatering indulgence that offers a satisfying crunch with each bite.

Rosco de Anis: The Anise Ring Biscuit is a fragrant treat, with the distinctive aroma of anise embedded within a crisp biscuit. This classic Spanish sweet is a delicious treat that brings a touch of tradition to any moment.

Hojaldre: The Spanish Puff Pastry is a light and flaky delight. This Spanish classic is a versatile treat that is just as enjoyable on its own as it is as a part of a more elaborate dessert.

Details about this Assorted Product:

Region - Spain

Made by: Donna Jimena

Size - 350g (14 x 25g) 

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