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Gamito Surtido Polvorones y Mantecados 1200g

Gamito Surtido Polvorones y Mantecados 1200g

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Gamito Surtido Polvorones y Mantecados is a sumptuous 1200g collection that evokes the festive spirit and rich traditions of Spanish confectionery. These delicacies are a testament to the skill of Spanish pastry chefs and will add a touch of seasonal cheer to any gathering.

The polvorones stand out in this plethoric assortment due to their delicate, sandy texture, which crumbles delightfully on the tongue and leaves a sweet trail of powdered sugar behind. Each polvorón, whether it's imbued with the richness of almonds, the warmth of cinnamon, or the indulgence of cocoa, is a bite-sized marvel.

The silky mantecados are the perfect complement to the crunchy polvorones. These delectables are expertly crafted to melt in your mouth and come in a wide range of traditional tastes, from the richness of almonds to the freshness of citrus.

Details about these Spanish sweets:

Made by: Dulces Gamito  
Weight: 1.2kg

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