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El Artesano Chocolate Turron - Whiskey 200g

El Artesano Chocolate Turron - Whiskey 200g

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Treat yourself to something special with El Artesano's Chocolate Turron with Whiskey. The exquisite flavor combination in each 200g bar elevates the classic Spanish nougat to the level of a luxurious adult delight.

The whiskey-flavored turron made by El Artesano exemplifies the company's dedication to experimentation and high-quality ingredients. The careful preparation of this chocolate turron yields a flavor profile that is at once comfortingly familiar and refreshingly novel.

The turron's chocolate underpinnings make for a silky feel that melts deliciously on the mouth. Whiskey adds a particular smokiness and warming depth of flavor to the chocolate, complementing its already rich texture. The end result is a nougat that is both familiar and sophisticated, making it an exceptional dessert.

Details about this Turron Chocolate:

Region: Spain 

Made by: El Artesano

Size: 200g

Contains: Whiskey

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