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Gamito Surtido Polvorones y Mantecados 600g

Gamito Surtido Polvorones y Mantecados 600g

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Gamito Surtido Polvorones y Mantecados, in a warm 600g packet, is a wonderful introduction to traditional Spanish holiday sweets. Sharing the joy of the season with others or enjoying a sweet moment to yourself, this chosen selection delivers a taste of Spain's seasonal confections.

Each polvorón in this assortment is a tender treat, with a crumbly texture and the comforting sweetness of powdered sugar. These sweets are made with the intention of captivating your taste buds, whether through the use of flavorful ingredients like almonds, cinnamon, or chocolate.

The mantecados are the perfect accompaniment to the polvorones, providing a buttery pleasure with a rich texture and unfolding layers of taste. Each unique flavor of mantecado, from the traditional almond to the energizing lemon, is a celebration of the season.

The Gamito Surtido Polvorones y Mantecados is a celebration in a box, bringing together a variety of Spain's famous sweets.

Details about these Spanish sweets:

Made by: Dulces Gamito  
Weight: 600g

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