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El Artesano Chocolate Turron - Hazelnut 200g

El Artesano Chocolate Turron - Hazelnut 200g

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Enjoy a wonderful take on a traditional Spanish dessert with the El Artesano Chocolate Turron, which is liberally stuffed with crunchy hazelnuts and comes with a filling of your choice. Each bar, weighing in about 200 grams, is a symphony of tastes that stands as a tribute to the art of confectionery in Spain.

El Artesano takes the time-honored practice of creating turron and combines it with contemporary flavor profiles. The end product is a chocolate nougat that is firmly packed with hazelnuts that have been meticulously picked. It has a thick, velvety texture. Each morsel of this lavish treat is elevated to a luxurious level by the addition of these nuts, which bring a satisfying crunch that works beautifully with the velvety chocolate.

This Hazelnut Turron chocolate has rich flavors that are both delightful and complex, making it an exceptional delicacy that stands out from the crowd. Because of its singular flavor profile, it works wonderfully with a wide variety of alcoholic beverages. By pairing it with a shot of brandy or coffee liqueur, you can elevate the quality of your dessert experience and bring out the full potential of the tastes.

Details about this Turron Chocolate:

Region: Spain 

Size: 200g 

Contains: Hazelnuts

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