Collection: Spanish Cider

Sidra natural is usually made on a small scale and fermented without any additives. The process of fermentation for Sidra is relatively simple: Ripe apples are washed, diced and softened in water, then pressed. An experienced cider maker will combine the juice of various apples (sour crab apples, for example, or sweeter varieties) to achieve the ideal balance of richness and acidity in the cider. A strong, sharp flavour and a good acidity are typical of Asturian ciders. The cider is best drunk young, so it’s the ideal drink to enjoy on its own or with a variety of tapas dishes. After pressing, the cider is naturally fermented in chestnut casks for around 5 months before being bottled. Like beer, the alcohol content varies, but it’s usually around 5-6%. "Sidra" is effervescent because of the presence of natural yeasts.