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Spanish Cider Sidra Trabanco Natural

Spanish Cider Sidra Trabanco Natural

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Trabanco has a long and storied history in the cider industry, and its blend of quality and tradition has helped it earn a permanent place in the hearts of cider aficionados. The natural Trabanco cider with the yellow label best exemplifies this everlasting ethos because of its firm grounding in the realm of traditional, genuine cider-making.

The key is using only the freshest, hand-picked cider apples to make a 100% natural juice, which is then fermented using only natural yeasts, most of the time in old-fashioned chestnut wood barrels.

Trabanco's cider is distinctly Asturian since it combines the distinct flavors of apples from multiple local varietals cultivated on the estate and approved by the Asturian Association of Cider Apple Growers. Following the rules for "Sidra Natural," the resulting cider is non-carbonated and low in alcohol, with a sharp and lively flavor.

Details about this Spanish cider:

Cider House: Sidra Trabanco

Type: Dry Cider

Location: Gijón, Asturias

Aging: In traditional chestnut wood barrels.

Alcohol: 6%

Colour: Intense yellow.

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