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Spanish Cider Sidra El Gaitero 750ml

Spanish Cider Sidra El Gaitero 750ml

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Cider lovers all around Spain will recognize El Gaitero as the brand behind this authentic Asturian beverage. Due to its bottle fermentation and subsequent sealing with a champagne cork, this Spanish cider enjoys a privileged status among connoisseurs. The cider, which is made from real Asturian apple varietals, has a bright straw yellow color and is full of tiny bubbles.

An alluring mixture of apple and peach smells opens the sensory experience. Its distinctive flavor really comes through on the tongue: clean, dry, and refreshing all the way through to a lengthy aftertaste that makes you want another drink.

This dry cider from the Asturias region is a great example of El Gaitero's dedication to quality and heritage.

Details about this Spanish Cider:

Dryness: Dry Sweet Cider

Cider type: Apple

Region: Asturias

Brewery: Grupo El Gaitero

Alcohol: 4.1%

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