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Zoco Pacharan Navarro 1000ml

Zoco Pacharan Navarro 1000ml

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The Spanish liqueur Zoco Pacharan Navarro stands out for its unique blend of fruity sweetness and depth. This liqueur has a rich cherry red color and a velvety texture, making for an exclusive and delicious drinking experience.

The aroma of plums and cherries dominates the initial touch with the liqueur's delicious scent. These fruity nuances harmonize with a base of aniseed and balsamic nuances to provide a fascinating scent.

A first taste reveals a smooth and delicate entry into the mouth, with a mellow solidity that elevates the flavor. This liqueur's smooth mouthfeel and fruity flavor strike a nice balance that sets it apart from others.

It is thought that Pacharan was spread throughout Spain by Navarrans who were serving their country in the National Service. There are limitations on the manufacturing of Pacharán of Navarra to preserve its quality, tradition, and Navarrese identity. These regulations include limits on the amount of sloes used, the length of time they are macerated, and the use of any artificial colorings or flavors.

Details about this Liqueur:

Region: Spain, Navarra

Manufacturer: Pacharan Zoco 

Liqueur type: Sloe Liqueur

Alcohol: 25%

Size: 1000ml

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