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Wild Snow Dog Cherry Gin

Wild Snow Dog Cherry Gin

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Cherry lovers, rejoice: Wild Snow Dog Cherry Gin is here, and it's unlike any other gin you've ever tried. This Portuguese gin is a refreshing departure from the standard spirit thanks to its intriguing infusion of sweet and delicately citrus flavors.

The fruity perfume of Wild Snow Dog Cherry Gin is dominated by the sweet scent of cherries, making a good first impression. The aroma provides a tantalizing preview of the gastronomic adventure to come.

The citrus notes in the gin become more pronounced as the spirit develops on the tongue. The spirit's initial sweetness is nicely balanced by the tanginess imparted by the citrus undertone. A warm, sweet aftertaste lingers in the mouth, capping off a memorable gastronomic adventure.

Details about this gin:

Region: Portugal - Beiras

Grape: Fandou Cherry, Juniper, Licorice Root

Alcohol: 42%

Size: 700ml

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