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Vermut Lacuesta Extra Dry Blanco

Vermut Lacuesta Extra Dry Blanco

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Experience the balance created by the careful selection of 20 botanicals in a bottle of Vermut Lacuesta Extra Dry Blanco. Lacuesta, a name synonymous with exceptional vermouth brewing since 1937, introduces you to a world where every sip reveals a layer and every layer tells a distinct story with their traditional Spanish vermouth.

The chamomile, mint, wild floral, and zesty citrus notes, along with the soft, sweet whispers, invite you on a voyage where tradition and nature are magnificently entwined. The chamomile and mint add a touch of floral freshness, and the vanilla adds a touch of sweetness to the enticing perfume.

After a gentle introduction of licorice, cinnamon, and ginger, the flavor continues to develop into a bright finish that is both strong and enjoyable. The voyage is punctuated by the typical high bitterness, a result of the carefully selected wormwood and artemisia, leaving an echo of its presence and evoking a desire for another sip, another adventure into the world of Lacuesta's vermouth.

Details about this Spanish vermouth:

Alcohol: 15%
Made by: Bodegas Martinez Lacuesta
Base Ingredients: White Wine, Wild Herbs
Region: Rioja, Spain

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