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Tyris Original 4.5% 33Oml

Tyris Original 4.5% 33Oml

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Tyris Original is a Pale Ale with a balance so finely refined that it becomes an art form. Immerse yourself in its lyrical appeal. Beer with a soft flavor and unique personality, brewed by Tyris Craft & Creative Beers in the lively Valencia region. 

The flavors of malt and fruit are gently entwined. The German hops linger softly in the background, revealing a second plane that is both fresh and flowery.

An elegant harmony is maintained throughout the tasting trip, with a smooth transition from the initial softness to a dry finish that contains a gentle sweetness.

Details about this Spanish beer:

Brewery: Cerveza Tyris
Region: Valencia
Alcohol: 4.5%
Size: 330ml

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