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Rutini Trumpeter Reserve Malbec 2021

Rutini Trumpeter Reserve Malbec 2021

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This wine pairs wonderfully with hard-shell cheeses (such as Sardo, Provolone, and Parmesan), lean cuts of red meat (like rump and loin), and pasta dishes filled with Bolognese-type sauces.

Tasting Notes: In the glass, it presents an intense garnet color with alluring purple reflections. This wine is a quintessential and expertly crafted representation of Argentina's iconic Malbec variety. Its bouquet offers a delightful interplay of floral and fruity aromas, with distinct notes of plum, cassis, and strawberry. The wine's harmonious roundness owes much to the presence of juicy tannins, which not only lend it softness but also contribute to a long and pleasing finish on the palate. This Malbec is a true testament to Argentina's winemaking prowess, embodying the essence of this renowned grape variety.

Harvest Year: 2021

Variety: 100% Malbec from Tupungato

Aging: 12 months, with 30% of the blend aged in French oak

Winemaker: Lic. Mariano Di Paola

Aging Potential: 5 years

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