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Ramón Bilbao Gran Reserva 2009

Ramón Bilbao Gran Reserva 2009

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The "Gran Reserva" from Ramón Bilbao, found in the illustrious Rioja Alta, is a celebration of both the past and the future. This Spanish red wine is a harmonious blend of Tempranillo, Graciano, and Garnacha grapes that perfectly captures the character and abundance of the Rioja region.

Wine undergoes a lengthy process of maturation and development as it spends 30 months in American oak barrels and then another 36 months in the winery's cellars. Located in the Ebro Valley and shielded by the Cantabrian Mountains, Rioja is widely regarded as a viticultural paradise. Its vines cover a huge area and rise to an elevation of 700 meters above sea level.

Rioja is a shining example of the high quality of Spanish winemaking, creating wines that not only please the taste buds but also tell fascinating tales about the places they come from.

Details about this Red Wine:

Winery: Bodegas Ramón Bilbao
Serving Temperature: 17–18°C
Color: Deep ruby red.
Taste: Raisins, spices, and tobacco. Its elegant tannins are harmoniously intertwined with precious wood undertones.
Aroma: Dried plums, stewed fruits, and a touch of smokiness.
Body: Full.

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