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Pixan 15 Year Old Mexican Rum

Pixan 15 Year Old Mexican Rum

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Pixan 15 ans is a blend of traditional molasses rums.

Each of the rums has been distilled twice, and aged for at least 15 years in American oak barrels that have previously contained bourbon.

Distillation, ageing, blending and bottling take place at the Mexican distillery Espíritus Del Norte, which specializes in rum production.

Tasting notes

The first nose is light and slightly spicy, with a bitterness of small pepper berries and juniper. This is quickly followed by velvety, fruity notes, like apricot jam on rum baba. There's also a mix of red fruit coulis and ripe mango.

Aeration takes us into a resolutely fruity and sweet universe, flirting with the register of confectionery. Apricot jam is still very much present, blending with aromas of strawberry, banana and blackberry, like a milky fruit dessert.

The palate is round and sweet, with an attack of orange peel. Mild spices add substance, with vanilla, cinnamon and a hint of nutmeg. Sweet caramel then takes hold of the palate, taking on an increasingly burnt air over time. Sweetness is the order of the day throughout.

The finish is round, very lightly roasted, and the light character of the rum comes through in the long finish, with a slightly fizzy edge.

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