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NIX Craft Gin 750ml

NIX Craft Gin 750ml

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This exceptional Andes Dry gin offers a delightful sensory journey. Upon the nose, it greets you with classic juniper and citrus notes, alongside a graceful infusion of florals and herbs. The palate is an intricate dance of flavors, harmoniously balancing the floral and peppery elements with the enduring presence of juniper and the delicate touch of rose hip. As the experience unfolds, the finish lingers with medium persistence, gracing the senses with earthy and spicy nuances.

Details about the Gin:

TASTING NOTES: On the nose: Classic juniper and citrus along with floral and herbs. On the palate: Harmonious balance of floral and peppery with Juniper and rose hip. Finish: Medium with earthy and spicey notes.

Variety: Andes Dry
Botanicals: Juniper, Rose Hip, Cardamom, Black Pepper, Coriander, Chilean Myrtle, Lemon, and Ginger.
Base spirit: Five-times distilled corn distillate with 96% alc/vol.
Water: Glacial spring water
Distillation process: Macerated for 24 hours and then distilled in copper stills, where botanicals are added into the gin basket. Electronic temperature control is used to ensure a measured distillation process.
Infusion: One month in temperature-controlled stainless-steel tanks.
Distilled in the Alto Colchagua Region, Chile

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