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Maclean Xoriguer Spanish Mahon Gin

Maclean Xoriguer Spanish Mahon Gin

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The history of Spanish gin manufacturing is honored in Maclean Xoriguer Spanish Mahon Gin. This gin, with its rich presence of juniper, green wood, herbs, and citrus overtones, gives a one-of-a-kind and nuanced flavor trip with its aromatic character and herbaceous palate.

The gin has a distinct herbal quality, with juniper flavoring that comes through strongly upon tasting. The juniper flavor is the most prominent in this spirit, but it doesn't overpower the other flavors; rather, it serves as a sturdy foundation.

Earthy juniper and green wood flavors are balanced with smooth citrus undertones that float across the drink. These citrus accents provide depth and dimension to the gin's flavor, making it more approachable overall.

A lingering and subtle aftertaste of black pepper lingers on the palette after a sip of this full-bodied drink.

Details about this gin:

Region: Menorca - Spain

Alcohol: 38%

Size: 700ml

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