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Aguardiente de Café Martín Códax 500ml

Aguardiente de Café Martín Códax 500ml

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Blending Albarino brandy with a handpicked assortment of coffee beans from Brazil, Africa, and Colombia, Licor Café Martín Códax is a Spanish liqueur with a distinct flavor profile. 

The distillation procedure begins with a careful maceration of Albarino brandy with a variety of coffees. As a result, the drink is a stunning chocolate brown in color. Its dark yet vibrant color entices the eye just as much as its delectable flavors do the tongue.

This aguardiente makes a bold, aromatic statement the first time you smell it. The lingering scent of freshly roasted coffee beans is the most prominent feature, serving as an exciting prelude to the actual tasting experience.

Licor Café Martín Códax's genuine character emerges during the tasting process. The liqueur has a lovely flavor and a silky texture that complement each other. Its rich coffee flavor and the brandy's smoothness strike the perfect balance, making for a delicious sip with impressive longevity.

Details about this Liqueur:

Region: Spain, Galicia

Manufacturer: Bodegas Martin Codax

Made from: Espresso, Albarino Grapes

Alcohol: 30%

Size: 200 ml or 500ml


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