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Las Pizarras Viña Alarba 2019

Las Pizarras Viña Alarba 2019

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Las Pizarras Via Alarba 2019, beautifully produced by Winemaker Rubén Magallanes, enables you to bask in the soft embrace of Garnacha in the oak's delicate caress. The wine spent four months in 225L oak barrels, yet it avoids an overbearing oakiness to put the spotlight on the fresh fruit. You're left with more than just your usual Spanish red wine; rather, it's a symphony of velvety, fruity tones that lull your taste buds and leave you wanting more.

The scent is both complex and appealing, with ripe red berries and plums intertwining with mineral notes. The first sip reveals a harmonious interplay of spicy undertones and acidic fruit, a harmonious and tantalizingly unpredictable journey through nature's palette.

Alarba, a small community of only about 130 people at the base of the Sierra de Pardos, guards vines that have been whispering their secrets to the ground for more than 60 years. Although they produce low yields, the wine they produce is as complex and full-bodied as the history of the vines themselves because to the concentration and color they pass on to their offspring.

Details about this red wine:

Bodega: Viñedos del Jalón
Region: Calatayud
Grape Variety: Garnacha
Tasting Notes: Picota cherry red color, intense fruit aromas, ripe red fruit, plums, mineral notes, and a balanced combination of spicy notes and acid fruit.
Aging: 4 months in 225L oak barrels
Vintage: 2019
Alcohol Content: 14.5%
Pairing Suggestions: Pairs well with grilled meats, hearty stews, and robust cheeses.
Serving Temperature: 16-18°C (60-64°F)
Bottle Size: 750 ml

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