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Hacienda López de Haro Rosado 2019

Hacienda López de Haro Rosado 2019

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Hacienda López de Haro's 2019 Rosé, sourced from the beautiful Alto Najerilla region of La Rioja, is a wine that not only charms with its vivid color but also stimulates the senses with its ample fragrance, where mature fruit overtones are clearly featured. The fruit's presence is expertly interlaced with the faint murmurs from the oak, creating an impeccably harmonious conversation between each aspect, making each sip a sensitive, expressive, and graceful narrative.

The low-yielding grapes that constitute the basis of this superb rose wine come from vineyards adorned with old Viura and Garnacha vines and ideally located in clay-ferrous soils. Every grape at Hacienda López de Haro is a reflection of the excellent care and attention given to the entire winemaking process throughout the entire month of October.

The procedure begins with a 24-48-hour maceration at low temperatures, continues with devatting and a carefully controlled fermentation, and finally yields a wine that is both lively and exquisite, true to its roots.

Details about this Spanish rose wine:

Winery: Hacienda López de Haro
Varieties: Viura and Garnacha
Vintage: 2019
Harvest: Hand-picked throughout October
Winemaking: 24-48 hours maceration at 10°C, followed by fermentation at 10-12°C for 20 days
Alcohol Content: 12.5% Vol
Color: Clean, pale pink
Nose: Intense, red fruits, banana hints, subtle floral notes
Palate: Silky, balanced, with a harmonious blend of indulgence and refreshing freshness
Serving Temperature: 8-10°C

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