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Giro Pink Gin

Giro Pink Gin

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Giro Pink Gin combines the traditional boldness of gin with the sweet and fresh appeal of strawberries, resulting in a spirit that is both traditional and refreshingly new. The distillery is where the juniper berries, the backbone of any real gin, are brought to full maturity before being combined in harmony with the freshness of the strawberry. This fruit is well-known in the world of cocktails for the distinctive freshness and sweetness it can add, and it does just that by adding a layer of depth to the gin.

This Spanish gin's complex flavor is not just a mash-up of juniper and strawberry. The ten-day careful infusion with natural strawberries yields a strawberry aroma that is at once subtle and persistent, snaking its way through the more conventional gin characteristics. Sweet cocktail connoisseurs will rejoice at the addition of coriander and citrus fruits to the distillation process, which combine with the juniper to create a kaleidoscopic pallet of flavors that dance through each sip.

Giro Pink Gin takes the taster on an unexpected journey from a robust and vibrant strawberry finish that lingers charmingly on the palate to an earthy and deep mid-palate brought to life by coriander and angelica. Inviting both gin connoisseurs and fans of sweet cocktails, this gin strikes a fascinating mix between robust conventional gin aromas and a sweet, lively strawberry infusion.

Details about this Spanish Gin:

Producer: Pedro Giró
Alcohol: 37.5%
Key Flavors: Juniper, Coriander, Citrus, Strawberry
Process: 10-day infusion with natural strawberries
Character: Bold, earthy, and surprisingly sweet finish

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