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El Bandarra Vermut Blanco

El Bandarra Vermut Blanco

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This white vermouth is a product of the prestigious winery El Bandarra, which is located in one of Spain's most renowned wine-growing districts. This vermouth is unlike any other because it is made from a special blend of 50 percent Garnacha Blanca and 50 percent Xarel·lo.

Citrus zest and a touch of mint and vanilla are the first aromas that arise on the nose. This enticing prologue paves the way for the main event.

Fresh and flavorful sensations await the taste buds. An earlier indication of a dominating citrus flavour has now fully materialized, with a touch of delicate bitterness to balance out the experience. To sip this vermouth is to prepare yourself for a sensory adventure.

Details about this Spanish Vermouth:

Alcohol: 15.00%
Brand: El Bandarra
Volume: 1 Liter
Production area: Spain
Varieties: 50% Garnacha Blanca, 50% Xarel·lo

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