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El Artesano Figuritas de Mazapan 100g

El Artesano Figuritas de Mazapan 100g

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Marzipan sculpture is a time-honored Spanish tradition, wherein master craftspeople take ordinary ingredients and fashion them into delectable works of beauty. With its Figuritas de Mazapan, El Artesano, a brand name recognized with quality and craftsmanship, exports this art form to homes all over the world.

Each figurita attests to the honesty and simplicity of classic sweets. These marzipan forms, which are crafted from finely ground almonds and a touch of sugar, have a texture that is pleasantly gritty yet soft, melting in the mouth to expose the rich, natural flavor of almonds.

These Spanish sweets are lactose-free, so even people with lactose intolerance can enjoy the delicious flavor of traditional Spanish marzipan. Although almonds are the main ingredient, persons with wheat or other nut allergies should be aware that they may be present in tiny amounts.

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