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Don Julio Tequila Anejo 700ml

Don Julio Tequila Anejo 700ml

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Don Julio® Anejo Tequila is a symphony of skill and flavor, the result of eighteen months of aging in American white-oak barrels. This tequila, made in limited quantities, encapsulates the spirit of a commitment to excellence. It spins a tale in which each sip is a new chapter, illuminating the bond between the zesty agave, the warm oak, and the delicate vanilla notes.

This Mexican Tequila, produced at the historic Don Julio distillery in the heart of Mexico, is a testament to the everlasting value of hard work and dedication. Lime, grapefruit, and mandarin sing out in the scent, joined by the deep sweetness of caramel. Its varied flavors unfold like a tapestry on the tongue.

The aroma of cooked agave greets you first, followed by the subtle sweetness of wild honey and the seductive flavor of oak-aged butterscotch. The story of Mexico's tequila legacy is woven throughout each flavor, which is unique yet complementary.

Details about this tequila:

Region: Mexico

Distillery: Don Julio

Aging: 18 months

Alcohol: 40%

Volume: 700ml

Nose: A fresh blend of lime, grapefruit and mandarin citrus aromas with a rich touch of caramel.

Taste: Full-bodied and complex with expressions of cooked agave, wild honey and oak-infused butterscotch.

Finish: Bright and lightly spiced finish with the essence of wild honey.

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