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Crema de Orujo Dos Cruceiros 3L

Crema de Orujo Dos Cruceiros 3L

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Delicious and luxurious, Crema de Orujo Dos Cruceiros is a well-loved Spanish cream liqueur. This liqueur is a tribute to the skill of old-school Spanish distillers, as it was made with great attention to detail.

The orujo (pomace brandy) used to make this liqueur is the key ingredient, and the liqueur's smooth, velvety texture is a nice complement to the spirit's fruity flavor. This drink is delicious on its own, thanks to the harmonious union of the bold orujo and the smooth cream.

Crema de Orujo Dos Cruceiros complements desserts well but can also be enjoyed on its own. Its versatility as a rich, creamy accompaniment to any meal is exemplified by its simpatico relationship with chocolate and sweet, tart sweets.

Crema de Orujo Dos Cruceiros comes in a 3L bottle, so there's plenty to go around for everyone. 

Details about this Liqueur:

Region: Spain

Made by: Dos Cruceiros

Liqueur type: Cream liqueur (orujo)

Alcohol: 30%

Volume: 3 liters

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