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Conde Valdemar Rioja Gran Reserva 1989

Conde Valdemar Rioja Gran Reserva 1989

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Conde Valdemar Rioja Gran Reserva 1989 is a distinguished and venerable wine that epitomizes the essence of Rioja's winemaking tradition. Crafted by Bodegas Valdemar, one of the most esteemed and historic wineries in the Rioja region of Spain, this Gran Reserva represents the pinnacle of their expertise and commitment to quality.

After years in the bottle, reductive aromas stand out that become balsamic and honey after oxygenation. In the mouth, memories of incense and toasted caramel appear on the palate with a smooth palate and adjusted acidity.

Details about the wine:

Winery: Conde de Valdemar
DO/Zone: DOCa Rioja
Country: Spain
Type of wine: Red
Graduation (vol): 13%
Varietals: 90% Tempranillo, 10% Mazuelo

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