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Clasico Espadín by Mezcal Domingo

Clasico Espadín by Mezcal Domingo

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The Maguey used in production is the Espadín, with a common age range of 8 to 9 years, and is solely obtained from the region. The Agave type utilized is Angustifolia Haw. For the cooking process, an underground conical oven is used, comprised of river stones and dead wood such as tepehuaje, quebrache, and bonin. Milling is executed through a Tahona pulled by a horse named Pepe. Fermentation is conducted in open wooden vats, utilizing indigenous yeast. Distillation is carried out in a double copper pot still, adhering to traditional Arabic methods. Well water is used for proofing purposes.

Details about this tequila:

Brand Name: Domingo
Size: 700ml
Alcohol Content: 42.0%
Type: Spirits
Category: Tequila & Mezcal
Style: Mezcal
Country: Mexico

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