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Cien Y Pico Winemakers Gallant Bobal

Cien Y Pico Winemakers Gallant Bobal

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The Winemakers Gallant is made from an at least 100 year old vineyard in Manchuela. This is the highest part of La Mancha and the land of Don Quixote. Only the best grapes are used for this wine. So only basic winemaking is needed to get the quality of this in the bottle. A simple fermentation and maturation of 14 months in French oak give an impressive result.

Manchuela is located between La Mancha, Almansa and Jumilla. Decisive for the style of the wines is the high location of the vineyards: at 600 to 700 meters. As a result, it cools down sharply at night in the warm Spanish summer and the grapes retain freshness. You can taste that in this beautiful red wine made from the grape bobal. This variety is difficult to grow, but excels in high-altitude vineyards, where the growing season is long enough for the tannins to ripen well. The condition is that the yield is kept low.

In short, this is a wonderful example of modern winemaking at a high level. Little intervention, top quality grapes, freshness combined with Mediterranean ripeness. This is the future for Spain's great wines! Fantastic at the table but also just like that, impressive outside the meal.

Full red color, subdued scent with ripe red fruit and a mild spiciness. After aeration more intense in fragrance with ripe and complex notes. Full-bodied, compact red wine with a lot of length and content, which can be combined beautifully with spicy dishes, game dishes or a mature cheese.

Details about the wine:

Type:  Red Wine
Varietal: Bobal
Country: Spain
Region: Manchuela
Brand: Cien Y Pico
Vintage: 2012

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