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Botica Orange Gin

Botica Orange Gin

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Authentically Mediterranean in flavor, Botica Orange Gin was born in the city of Barcelona. The Valencia oranges used in this product are guaranteed to be genuine, and their quality is a testament to the care and precision with which they were crafted.

This Spanish gin's classical botanicals lay the groundwork for a complex and energizing new harmony. These include juniper, coriander, cardamom, and hops. It's infused with zest from Valencia oranges, which also conjures up images of shady citrus groves and a warm breeze from the Mediterranean.

Botica Orange Gin is always a delightful choice, whether you choose to sip it neat or in a cocktail. It unites time-honored distilling techniques with modern preferences, making each sip a trip through taste and history.

Details about this Spanish Gin:


Region: Barcelona

Type: Orange Gin

Distillery: Botica Ginserie


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