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Arcane Arrangé Ananas Rôti (Roasted Pineapple)

Arcane Arrangé Ananas Rôti (Roasted Pineapple)

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Arcane arrangé Ananas Rôti is a gourmet Franco-Mauritian creation. It is made with a base of rum from Mauritius (Gray's - Pamplemousses). They added 100% natural pineapple flavors, coated in caramel. The sensation of roasted pineapple is brought to life in the bottle, for an arrangé to be enjoyed frosted.

Tasting notes

The nose is very gourmand and sweet, like a pineapple nectar or a sour candy. It's a concentrate of fruit juices, with a slight acidity that adds a little freshness. It's a luscious, syrupy arrangé that you want to drink well chilled.

The palate is greedy and sweet, like a pineapple confection with a hint of vanilla and coconut. The cane sugar is tasty on the mid-palate, and the sweet pineapple inevitably evokes the piña colada.

Alcohol 40% 

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