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Aguardiente de Hierbas Martin Codax

Aguardiente de Hierbas Martin Codax

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Using a thorough double distillation procedure, the superior grade of Albario grape pomace is displayed in the distinctive Spanish liqueur Aguardiente de Hierbas Martin Codax. This liqueur stands out from the crowd thanks to its special herbal blend, which give it an alluring and pleasing aroma and flavor.

The pomace from just Albario grapes is used to make the liqueur, highlighting the singular qualities of this premium product. Steam drag is used at a slow and steady pace to doubly distill the pomace, protecting the grape's rich tastes and aromatic qualities.

Aguardiente de Hierbas Martin Codax's distinctive flavor and scent come from a combination of 12 different herbs. This combination of herbs enhances the nuance and flavor of the spirit, making for a more satisfying and interesting sip.

The bright yellow hue of this aguardiente is indicative of the premium quality of its ingredients and the care with which they were produced. The flowery, field herb, chamomile, and white peach notes complement the wine's pristine appearance.

Details about this Liqueur:

Region: Spain, Galicia

Manufacturer: Bodegas Martin Codax

Made from: Albarino Grapes

Alcohol: 35%

Size: 500ml

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