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Adega Velha 6 Year Old Brandy

Adega Velha 6 Year Old Brandy

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Light, complex, and luxuriously smooth, Adega Velha 6 Year Old is a highly regarded Portuguese brandy. Six years of aging have given this brandy a complex flavor profile and an exquisite, balanced personality that will amaze even the pickiest of drinkers.

This brandy dazzles with its light amber color, which hints at the deep layers of flavor hidden within. This tantalizing display is a prelude to the delicious taste experience that will follow.

The brandy has a bouquet that is both robust and balanced, with notes of fruit and wildflowers. Wrapping around a light aroma, this blend continues to delight the palate with an aftertaste of fine wood. Each sip reveals a new depth of complexity because to the interplay of smells and flavors.

Details about this brandy:

Region: Portugal - Vinho Verde

Grape: Vinho Verde

Alcohol: 40%

Volume: 500ml

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