A captivating image of lush, sprawling vineyards under the Spanish sun in the Rioja region, with rows of Tempranillo vines.

The Rise of Tempranillo Wine: From Spain to Global Fame


Wines made from Spain's signature grape, Tempranillo, have been capturing the attention of connoisseurs all over the world. The story of how it made its way from the heart of Spain to the tables of the world is one of tradition, flavor, and skill. 

Today we will explore the development of Tempranillo wine and shine a light on a few iconic examples from its long and illustrious history.

A Brief History:

The Iberian Peninsula is the birthplace of Tempranillo, a red wine grape whose name comes from the Spanish word for "early," temprano. This grape variety, found mostly in the Spanish wine-producing regions of Rioja and Ribera del Duero, has a long history of association with the Phoenicians. 

As Spanish vineyards refined their techniques and began producing truly exceptional wines, the world took notice of Tempranillo and its growing reputation. Wines made from the Tempranillo grape are now considered a symbol of Spain's illustrious winemaking heritage.

Four Great Tempranillo Wines to Explore:

1. La Provincia 2019

la provincia 2019


Emerging from the serene terrains of Castilla y Leon, particularly Ribeiro del Duero, La Provincia 2019 by Prieto Pariente captures the heart of Spanish viticulture. This bold wine marries the esteemed Tempranillo (55%) with Garnacha Tinta (45%). 

Naturally fermented with a dual approach—it's aged gracefully in French Oak barrels for a minimum of four years. An ideal pairing with red meat, lamb, and smoked delights, La Provincia stands as a testament to the wine mastery of the region.

2. Solaz Bio Tempranillo 2020

Solaz Bio Tempranillo 2020

With a legacy spanning over 200 years, Bodegas Osborne's Solaz Bio Tempranillo 2020 encapsulates the essence of its region. Heralding from the Solaz range, this wine exemplifies the harmonious blend of traditional and contemporary viticultural techniques. 

Every sip narrates a tale of the vineyard's hard-earned expertise, precision, and the rich terroir it calls home.

3. Solaz Tempranillo Shiraz 2018

Solaz Tempranillo Shiraz 2018

Another gem from Bodegas Osborne, the Solaz Tempranillo Shiraz 2018, is an exploration of the V.T. de Castilla region's vast vineyards. This blend introduces an ensemble of vibrant fruit aromas. 

Aged for two months in large format old oak, the wine offers a unique balance of youthful zest and a hint of maturity.

4. El Aviador 2021

El Aviador 2021

From the cellars of Bodega Félix Solís in V.T. Castilla y Léon emerges El Aviador, a quintessential representation of the Tempranillo grape. The 2021 vintage unravels a tapestry of intriguing notes, accentuated with a harmonious blend of flavors. 

With its smooth, mellow style, El Aviador is versatile—equally apt for a Mediterranean platter or a selection of delicate cheeses.


From its humble beginnings in the vineyards of Spain to its global recognition today, Tempranillo wine continues its journey of enchantment. The legacy of Tempranillo is alive and well, celebrated in every bottle.

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